For All Girls

For All Girls

For All Girls

At Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College we pride
ourselves on empowering your daughter to take responsibility
for herself and her learning. Everything we do is designed to ensure
she reaches her full potential as we open up a range of experiences,
opportunities and career pathways. OLSH girls leave with the confidence,
skills and knowledge to rise boldly to the challenges of their times to be
leaders for themselves and others. As a vibrant, inclusive and hopeful
community we harness and celebrate her strengths, talents,
ambitions and achievements. Our unique community
enriches every girl’s experience of what
it is to live in a global and
multicultural world.

For curious girls

encourage girls to be inquisitive
and to ask questions. OLSH girls are
excited by the unknown and we inspire
them to explore, discover and discern.
We equip our girls with the skills to
work together to satisfy their
curiosities and broaden
their knowledge.

For kind girls 

girls are welcome at OLSH. They join
a warm and generous community that gives
to others. Our girls look out for one another and have a
genuine appreciation of the gifts and talents each student
offers. OLSH girls are respectful and accepting of one
another’s similarities and differences. They care for and
support each other as they journey together through
the important teenage years. We nurture their
spiritual growth by instilling the value
of daily acts of kindness
and gratitude.

For inspired girls

girls are inspiring. They set ambitious
goals, have great dreams, come prepared to
work hard and try everything. They motivate
each other and their teachers encourage them
to strive for more. All OLSH girls become leaders
and make an impact within the community.
We are proud to develop young women
who confidently choose the
pathway that is right
for them.

For brave girls

Our girls are brave. For some, bravery is 
Knowing it’s okay to embrace fear and overcome it. 
For others, bravery is the confidence to try something new 
or the courage to have a voice. Our girls are determined and 
resilient young women. We encourage them to take risks 
in a safe and supportive learning environment. 
We empower them to be challenged and 
recognise that with rights come

For healthy girls

The well-being of our girls is at the heart
of what we do. We equip them to be physically active
and mentally strong. They are exposed to a wide range
of experiences and are taught the importance of a
healthy lifestyle. OLSH girls are encouraged
to value the world they live in, to foster
positive relationships and build
respectful friendships.

For creative girls

We want our girls to be creators. From the
Arts to the Sciences, whatever field they explore,
we want them to problem solve, innovate and think
differently. We ask our students to be enterprising
and entrepreneurial. OLSH girls have the
skills to adapt to a changing

Every girl belongs at OLSH

When your family joins ours, the benefits
include a welcoming Catholic ethos, friendships
that continue across year levels, a Home Class
system where students meet every day in a small
group, and teachers who know your daughter.
And when your daughter leaves, she doesn’t
leave our family. She will join a network of
OLSH Graduates who enjoy year group
reunions and other opportunities
to stay connected, no matter
where she goes in life.