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Student Leaders

Student Leaders

Student Leaders

Student Leaders at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College are dedicated, empathetic young women who live out the College ethos, May Christ Reign, by combining their studies with social justice initiatives.

Through the Student Leader Program they support and provide service to the College Community by being positive role models at school, being ambassadors in the local community and assisting in global projects.

Their leadership roles and their interest in pursuing social justice intertwine throughout the course of their leadership year. They support different organisations and raise awareness of these through fundraising initiatives and social action. Our Student Leaders develop into informed citizens who make a difference in the world in which they live.

Soup Kitchen
The purpose of Soup Kitchen is to not only provide soup for the homeless, but also for those of families who cannot afford food and groceries. Student Leaders and Senior students prepare homemade soup each fortnight throughout the winter months and donate it to St. Vincent de Paul's food service in Elizabeth.

In collaboration with Bupa Aged Care, Adopt-A-Grandparent is a social justice outreach program that draw parallels among the elderly and the youth. Student Leaders understood that the need for the elderly to be treated as respected members of society was vital and Adopt A Grandparent provides them with this opportunity. This experience has inspired them to interact and establish positive relationships with the elderly people in our community.

Adopt-A-Year Level
The Student Leaders Adopt-A-Year Level program gives Leaders the opportunity to develop relationships and leadership skills whilst working with the Year 7s and 8s. This involves visiting the Year 7/8 homerooms every second Tuesday throughout the year. Most importantly our Year 7s and 8s have friends to mentor and guide them through the transition into High School life.