Year 7 and 8 Transition

Year 7 and 8 Transition

Year 7 Transition

We have a thorough, gentle and caring transition program that will help each student find her place as one of the newest members of the OLSH Community.

Welcome to OLSH College - Pastoral Care Focus

Early Term 3 the year prior to starting at  OLSH College, enrolled Year 7 students will visit the College and engage in a range of activities with some of the current students to help them learn more about being part of the OLSH College community and meeting their future peers. We will begin to reverence relationships and support all girls as we discuss their hopes, aspirations and fears about starting high school.

Primary Transition Visits - August to September

Prior to the Family Orientation Afternoon, we visit students at their Primary School, answer any questions they may have and provide a familiar face.

Joining the OLSH Family Orientation Afternoon - late October

Families will meet key OLSH College staff and find out specific information about being at OLSH College. Students will once again have the opportunity to meet their peers and some of their future teachers.

Experience OLSH College - Teaching and Learning Focus - November

Students will engage in a morning of activities that give them an insight into teaching and learning at OLSH College, familiarise themselves with college facilities and another opportunity to connect with their fellow classmates. 

Uniform Sales and ordering Stationery Packs - December

Uniforms can be purchased in December or at the January uniform sale day ready for the school year. Students will receive information about how to organise uniforms and stationery requirements.

Year 7 Orientation Day - First day of the school year

This is the first day at OLSH College in uniform. Year 7s are the only students in the junior campus on this day, so students can get comfortable with finding their way around the school and settle into classes.